About Us

By: Dorothy Pimentel

I have always loved animals. As a little girl I had two dogs, Jasmine and Bruno. They were my best friends. I was responsible for walking, bathing, and feeding them – they even slept with me. By caring for and spending time with my beloved Jasmine and Bruno, I developed a deep understanding of dogs and their needs and a deep respect for who they are in our lives and our world.

Feeling as I do about animals, it was natural for me to get into the pet care business. I started Dorothy’s Petcare in 1996 on my own. Because of my passion and dedication to caring for dogs, my clientele steadily increased. As the business grew, my other half, Darius DiTullio expressed a great interest in joining on. So, here we are over sixteen years later and our mission is still the same. To care for as many dogs as we can in the style we believe in. That means that every dog’s safety and comfort comes first. No matter how many dogs Dorothy’s Petcare is responsible for, we will always strive to give special care and attention to every single dog we touch. For more information, please read our Mission Statement.

We look forward to serving you.
Please contact us with any questions you may have.