Dog Boarding Checklist

In order for us to have all pertinent information while boarding your pet at our place and to be able to go over the details, please complete the below checklist at least three days before your departure and click submit at the end of this page.

NOTE: Please type in the letters ‘NA’ (not applicable) in all the fields that do not apply to you at the moment. All fields are required to be filled in. Otherwise the form can not be submitted.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: If you attempt to submit this form via phone,  although it may appear that everything is working correctly, it is not. This form unfortunately cannot be submitted via a phone. The format is incorrect and unmatched.

Important: If you need to make any major changes, additives, or deletions any information after you have submitted the checklist, you must resubmit the updated version of the checklist before your departure. If you don’t have enough time to do that prior to your departure, please email us the changes, additives or deletions as soon as you can.

KEY POLICY REMINDER: (this only pertains to people who’s keys we do not already have)

In regard to picking up and dropping off your dog(s). If your building has a twenty-four hour doorman where the keys may be accessed at any time, we can pick up the keys from the doorman to use when either picking up or dropping off your dog(s). However, if that cannot be arranged, it is our policy that we request two full sets of keys – One set for us to use and one set to be kept at our home office as back up for an emergency in case of loss or damage to the original keys. Once again, we will return all keys upon  your return.

Please let us know what’s best so we can discuss all details and make all necessary arrangements.

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  4. Please Be Sure To Review The Section Below Titled "IMPORTANT TRANSPORTATION INFORMATION" For the Next Three Questions.
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In case of rain/snow/very cold weather, please remember to provide coats(s) or anything else you deem necessary for these conditions.

Other Pertinent Information

Transportation of dog(s)
All transportation is arranged on an individual basis. Whether we or the client is supplying transportation, all drop offs and pick ups must be arranged either by phone and/or email a few days prior to client’s departure. If we provide transportation, there may be an extra fee depending upon time and location.


*We are not available for pick ups and/or drop offs on Saturday and Sunday and before 11:am or after 5:00pm on any day*
*If you’d prefer to do pick up and /or drop off  yourself, please make sure to contact us so individual and specific arrangements can be made prior *

If you only feed your dog(s) dry food, it’s best for us for you to supply all meals in individual small zip lock bags.  Otherwise, all food must be supplied along with either the measuring cup you use, a similar one or the exact written measurement for each meal according to an everyday cooking/baking kitchen measuring cup. If what you feed your dog(s) is more involved than dry food or directly from a can, please prepare and supply individual meals in small zip lock bags. If your trip is going to be long, we can freeze what doesn’t get used right away and thaw out each meal as we need.

Labeling All Food And Containers:
Whatever type of container you choose for transporting and storing your dog’s food, Zip Lock bags/Tupperware, etc., please make sure to write your dog’s name on it.


Arrangements for payment will be settled before your departure. A 50% downpayment is required before boarding care can begin. We accept payments via cash, check, credit card and VENMO. If you’d like to pay via VENMO, our VENMO ID is – @Dorothy-Pimentel. For those times payment must be made by check, full payment is required prior to departure. Please write check out to ‘Dorothy’s Petcare’. If you are leaving payment in your home, please put payment in a sealed envelope marked “For Dorothy’s Petcare,” including your dog(s) name(s) and the dates of the boarding period.

Dog Boarding Cancellation Policy:

-40% of the fee will be charged for cancellations made less than one week in advance.
-30% of the fee will be charged for cancellations made less than two weeks in advance.