During the Walk

We never leave dogs unattended or tied up outside. We are careful when encountering other dogs, children or anything that may make the dogs uncomfortable (bikes, skates, skateboards, etc.). We are careful in keeping dogs away from dangerous objects on the ground such as discarded scraps of food and bones, trash, rat poison, antifreeze (also a deadly poison), etc.

Uncomfortable Weather
During extreme weather (freezing temperatures, snow storms, pouring rain, extreme heat/humidity), we keep the dogs outside only as long as it is comfortable for them. However, we do whatever we can to make it easier for them to relieve themselves before returning home.

During freezing temperatures, snow and rain, we request that items necessary for these weather conditions (coat, towel, paw's wax for snow salt, baby wipes for wiping paws, etc.) be left in a designated place where they are easily found. (If a dog does not have a coat and appears to be cold and uncomfortable during the above weather condition, we will promptly notify the owner.) During hot/humid days, we always carry water for the dogs to drink and to cool them off by wetting their heads and paws. We also find shady areas for the walks and will take a rest if the dogs are panting and appear uncomfortable from the heat/humidity.

If a dog shows signs of being ill (vomiting, excessive diarrhea, lethargic, etc.), we will immediately contact and inform the owner. (We request that we be advised in advance whenever an owner is aware of their pet being sick prior to a walk in order for us to plan the walk accordingly and be prepared.)

Leash Safety Note:
We ask that you supply a common everyday cloth or leather leash in order to walk your dog(s). In our past experience, we've found that walking dogs with retractable leashes can be cumbersome and unsafe.