Dog Boarding Checklist

In order for us to have all pertinent information while boarding your dog, we need to be able to access all the details at any time. Please make sure to complete the below checklist as soon as you know your travel plans and click submit after filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Please be as specific as you can in regard to start and end time which will also enable us to decipher a more fitting deposit amount. We will alert you via email when we receive your submitted form.

ABOUT THIS FORM: For all the questions in the fields on the form that do not apply to you and your time away, please write “NA” (not applicable). If you do not write something in every field, the form will not submit correctly.

Thank you!

Other Pertinent Information

Transportation of dog(s)
All transportation is arranged on an individual basis. Whether we or you are supplying transportation, all drop offs and pick ups must be arranged by email a few days prior to your departure. If we are to provide transportation, all costs and fees, if any, will be determined prior.

We are not able to provide any transportation on weekends or holidays

FOOD/PREPARATION/AMOUNT, ETC,.: Please make sure to clearly label all of your dog’s food including the transport bag that everything is in! Zip Lock bags/Tupperware, etc., please make sure to write your dog’s name on it, how many meals you feed them and and the exact amount of each meal per day.
TYPE OF FOOD: If you only feed your dog(s) dry food, it’s best for us if you could supply all meals in individual small zip lock bags. Otherwise, all food must be supplied along with either the measuring cup you use regularly, a similar one (both/either labeled with your dog’s name) or the exact written measurement for each meal according to an everyday cooking/baking kitchen measuring cup.

If what you feed your dog(s) is more involved than dry food or directly from a can, please prepare and supply individual meals in small zip lock bags or small Tupperware containers (labeled with your dog’s name).

FROZEN FOOD: In regard to any food that needs to be kept frozen till used, if your trip is going to be long, we can freeze what doesn’t get used right away and thaw out each meal as needed.

AMOUNT OF FOOD YOU SUPPLY: Please make sure to always supply two to three extra meals in case you are detained.

We cannot be responsible for any food, containers or travel bags that have no identifying name written on them. Unlabeled belongings may not be returned.

Arrangements for payment will be settled upon payment of deposit. We accept all major credit cards and also cash as payment only. We do not accept checks or any other methods of payment.

IN CASE OF RAIN, SNOW OR VERY COLD WEATHER:  Please remember to provide a coat(s) or anything else you deem necessary for these conditions. (Once again, please make sure to put your dog’s (s) name(s) on any coats, sweaters and/or anything else you include)

PLEASE NOTE: A 50% downpayment is required at the time of  booking. Boarding periods cannot be reserved without a deposit.

In regard to submitting this checklist form, if a page appears stating that the “form cannot be submitted due to the following errors”,  the form will display very clearly the fields that require any corrections needed to be made. Just follow the directions on that page.

Remember, type in the letters ‘NA’ (not applicable) in all the fields that do not apply to you, the form should then submit successfully. If you still have any other or any continuing issues submitting the form, please email us right away.

  • Please Note: You do not have to pay by credit card but we do require an active credit card number on file prior to any to beginning any service. If we do not have your credit card on file already, please contact us so we can obtain it. Please Also Note: Your boarding period cannot confirmed or reserved until a 50% deposit is put down.