Our Staff


Hiring And Training Our Staff

Choosing the correct staff and training them thoroughly is pretty much the most important thing to get right in this business. We of course conduct thorough interviews and in depth background checks on all potential employees.

In addition, we also have two mandatory criteria that must be met through our hiring procedure.

  • First, we only consider those who display and possess an obvious passion and connection to dogs.
  • Second, they must also be willing  and able to commit to working with us for at least 9 months to one full year. Thus, maintaining long lasting relationships between our staff and the dogs we care for. No one is even considered as a possible candidate to work with us if those two criteria are not equally met.

New York City with all it’s greatness and excitement is a busy and hectic environment in general. Therefore, for basic dog care safety and comfort, through our training process, we go to great lengths to instill our style and safety regulations of dog care into every new employee. Each new employee must spend a minimum of three weeks (Monday through Friday) training out in the field with an experienced staff member learning our Pet Care Procedures .