Why Dorothy’s Petcare?


We Are In The Middle Of Updating & Redesigning Our Site.

Please Email Us At <> Or Please Call 646-858-4600 If You Have Questions About Our Services, Rates Or Hours Of Operation.


We Are In The Middle Of Updating & Redesigning Our Site.

Please Email Us At <> Or Please Call 646-858-4600 If You Have Questions About Our Services Or Rates.

Why choose Dorothy’s Petcare for your dog walking, dog day care and dog boarding needs?

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We Promise You Professionalism
And a whole lot of love! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your dog(s) is being taken care of by individuals who are personally chosen and supervised by two people that are on a dedicated mission. We’ve had a life long commitment and dream in creating and maintaining a very high standard in dog care. Please read our Mission Statement.

We Do Not Pack Dog Walk !
Our walks are safe and comfortable. We don’t believe in walking large numbers of dogs at once. We walk two to four, mostly three dogs at a time, giving each dog personal attention and a fun walk for all included.

We Get To Know All Of  The Dogs In Our Care
We become familiar with each dog’s personality and habits in order to maintain comfort, control and safety in any situation. We develop a bond with every dog we care for.

We Maintain Your Dog’s Routine
Whether dog walking, day caring a dog or boarding a dog, we treat all dogs as our own, giving them extra love and paying close attention to their safety and comfort. We also understand that some dogs may feel anxious when separated from their family and normal surroundings. Therefore, we aim to follow their regular routine as closely as possible in order to make them feel comfortable and lessen their anxiety.

Hiring And Training Our Staff

Choosing the correct staff and training them is one of the most important things to get right in this business. We of course conduct thorough interviews and full background checks on all potential employees.

In addition, we also have two criteria that must be met through our hiring procedure. First, we only consider those who display and possess an obvious passion and connection to dogs. Second, they must also be willing  and able to commit to working with us for at least 9 months to one full year. Thus, maintaining long lasting relationships between our staff and the dogs we care for. No one is even considered as a possible candidate to work with us without those two criteria are met.

New York City with all it’s greatness and excitement is a busy and hectic environment in general. Therefore, for basic dog care safety and comfort we go to great lengths to instill our style of dog care into every new employee. Each new employee must spend a minimum of three weeks training out in the field with an experienced staff member learning our Pet Care Procedures.

No Surprises
For everyone’s comfort, we aim to have the same person walk the same dogs on a regular basis which we are mostly able to do. However, this may not always be possible. Therefore, it is our practice that all four of our staff members and all dogs become familiar with each other.

We Make The Effort
It’s our policy to meet all potential clients and their dog(s) before starting to work together in order to get acquainted and go over all the necessary details pertaining to their dog’s care.

We have an outstanding reputation and many satisfied clients. Please see our References.
We’re  Bonded and Insured.

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We look forward to serving you.
Please contact us with any questions you may have.


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