Employment Opportunities

At the present time, we have an immediate open position for a dog walker. If you’re interested and you feel that you’d be a good candidate for this position,  please fill out and submit your application below. Please also make sure to answer all the questions on the “Application Form”. Please do not leave anything out.

We will contact you as soon as we receive your application. Training will begin immediately after the interview process is completed. The training period is between 2 and 3 weeks and sometimes a little longer depending upon how quick a learner you are. Stipend paid during the training process. Our goal is to have a new walker start on their own and unsupervised beginning as soon as possible. We will explain how the interview process works when we speak on the phone.


This is a five day per week position. (Monday-Friday)


  • You are not available on a consistent basis to work walking dogs Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:30am and 6:00pm.
  • If your lifestyle requires you to complete other obligations during the day or if you are currently in or planning on enrolling in school and your scheduled classes inhibit you from getting to work by 9:30AM or require you to leave work before 6PM Mondays Through Fridays.


  • First and foremost, applicants must be true dog lovers.  (Please be honest about this; it will be obvious very quickly if you’re not truly an animal or especially a dog person.)
  • Must be naturally comfortable and outwardly affectionate, gentle and patient with animals.
  • Must be totally comfortable with dogs of all sizes.
  • Experience in the pet care business is preferred. However, if you have no experience, you must have a natural connection with dogs and a willingness to learn our specific skill and style of pet care.
  • Must be physically able and energetic. This is definitely not a job for a person who is uncomfortable moving, bending or walking very quickly.
  • Must be responsible, reliable, and punctual. (In the pet care business, staying on schedule and showing up on time according to how the walks are scheduled for the dogs’ is imperative. Our clients and their dogs rely on this. Having practiced this with great commitment is once again another of the key reasons we’ve been so successful for the past twenty two years.)
  • Must have a pleasant and approachable personality. (People skills and an open and friendly attitude is a winning formula since we deal with people on a daily basis as well as dogs.)
  • Since this is mostly an outdoor job, you must be able to handle being in hot/humid and cold/wet weather and not mind getting wet and a little dirty at times. If you have any issues with this at all, PLEASE DO NOT apply for this job.
  • Must have a neat and clean appearance. (Though we might get wet and a little dirty at times, clean clothes, nails, hair, etc., is of the utmost importance since we deal with clients and other people on a daily basis.) You must also be comfortable wearing company attire whenever you are working. Our company attire consists of T shirts, hoodies, fall jackets and caps. Everything is worn according to how the weather is at the time.
  • Manhattan residents preferred for this job; however, depending on your commute into Manhattan, we will consider your application.
  • Must be available to work between the hours of 9:30am and 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Depending upon the work-load, certain days may be a bit shorter but we need someone that is 100% available and committed during these times. Schedule changes occur and last minute bookings come in all the time.
  • Must be completely fluent in English (speaking, reading and writing).
  • Must be comfortable and willing to submit to a full background check once you are considered a potential employee. (Please Note: This process will require you to sign written permission in order for us to do the back-round check. We will supply all paperwork and we will also supply a copy for you to keep.)
  • Must have proof of U.S. citizenship or proof of legal status in the U.S. available upon request.
  • Must own your own personal computer or some type of smart device as well as your phone to be able to send and receive emails and get onto the internet on a daily basis when necessary. We will explain why later.
  • Must own an IPhone 7 or equivalent? It must be a smart phone or a high ended android phone capable of group texting and going onto the internet with absolutely no complications. This level and type of phone is an absolute must for this job. This is non-negotiable.
  • Must have two current and very clear photos available to email us as soon as possible if and when we contact you to set up an interview.
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST —  PLEASE NOTE: This is definitely not a Summer job or a job that one may acquire for the holidays for a month or two. It is a serious commitment and a great opportunity for anyone who loves dogs and who loves being outside. We are looking for someone who truly needs a job and is comfortable, available and willing to commit to this position for at least a full 9 months after the training period has ended and you begin working unsupervised.  A longer stay is welcomed and if all are happy, definitely encouraged. However, the minimum 9 month requirement is non-negotiable.  (Please do not apply for this job if  you are not willing or you can not do this)

IMPORTANT REMINDER WHEN APPLYING: You must answer every single question below and fill out all fields thoroughly and completely. If there is any information missing, it will be difficult for us to make a decision. Therefore, your application may not be considered.

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY MESSAGES ON OUR VOICE MAIL OR EMAIL US ANY RESUMES regarding a response after applying. We will definitely contact you via email if you meet the requirements.

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  8. (valid email required)
  9. Which of these applies to you?
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  12. Are you definitely available to work between the hours of 9:30am-6pm, Monday through Friday on a regular basis? (If you need to answer no, please do not apply for this job)
  13. Does (or will) your schedule require you to travel and/or take days off from work on a regular basis (acting jobs, music gigs, college, taking any type of classes) >If You Need To Answer Yes, Please Do Not Apply For This Job.
  14. Are you definitely able to handle New York City's extreme weather (hot/humid, freezing temperatures, rain/snow) on a regular basis? If you have any issues with this at all, PLEASE DO NOT apply for this job.
  15. Do you presently have any pets of your own in your home that you care for?
  16. (required)
  17. If you do in fact have pets, will the care of your pets interfere in any way with your ability to be available to work during the hours listed on this form?
  18. Some driving may be necessary for this position. Do you currently have a valid driver's license? (If you have to answer no to this question, please do not apply for this job)
  19. Do you own your own personal computer and are you able to send and receive emails on a daily basis?
  20. Do you own a printer in order to be able to print emails we send you if necessary?
  21. Do you own an IPhone 7 or an equivalent at the very least? Must own a good and dependable smart phone or be willing to purchase one immediately if hired. This level phone is a must for this job. (This is not negotiable)
  22. If all criteria is met and we offered you the job and you accepted it, would you be comfortable and able to commit to the position for at least 9 full months beginning after the training ends?
  23. (required)

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