Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

Dorothy’s Petcare has been in business since 1996

What areas do you service?

Our walking area of service is the Lincoln Center area and the Upper West Side from 60th Street to 115th Street park to park. Our dog day care and dog boarding facility is located at 421 Manhattan Avenue in Morningside Heights.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes. We are bonded and insured through Pet Sitters International (PSI) Business Insurers Of The Carolinas. Upon request, we can provide proof via email or hard copy.

Do you have references?

Yes. We can provide a large list of satisfied client’s References.

Do you meet clients and their pets at their home before providing service?

Yes. By meeting clients at their home, we can personally discuss our services and answer any questions the client may have. This helps to establish that our services are suitable for their needs and that they are comfortable with us. In addition, when we meet and spend time with the dogs for the first time in their own territory, we can start to build a relationship and gain their trust. By gaining their trust, they will feel comfortable and safe when we pick them up for their walk.

Will my dog receive individualized attention?

Absolutely! Although dogs are pack animals, we do not “pack dog walk.” We only walk 2-4 dogs at a time, mostly 3. We also make sure that the dogs being walked together get along and enjoy being with each other.

Does my dog need to have an ID tag?

Yes. All dogs must have and wear an ID tag that is clearly engraved with the dog¹s and and owner’s names along with the owner’s address and/or phone numbers. In addition, the ASPCA strongly recommends owners to microchip their pets.

If my dog has been aggressive in the past, can you still care for them?

If the level of behavior is low, a little growling or barking when meeting other dogs or people at first, etc., most of this can work itself out. However, if it’s a high level of aggression where snapping, biting or even attacking were a possibility, we would have to decline.

How do you handle disciplining dogs, if necessary?

We treat animals with love and patience. We train our staff to use a gentle hand and a firm but soft voice and always with eye contact. In addition, we discuss with the client how they handle their pet(s) when they feel they need to be disciplined and we follow their instructions.

What if my dog needs emergency medical assistance while in your care?

Our staff is specifically instructed to contact us right away if a dog seems ill, lethargic, and/or has any symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea, etc. We will contact the owner immediately after hearing from our walker/handler. In addition, before starting to work with a client, we ask if they have a plan of action they would like us to follow in case of an emergency.

What if I need someone to take my dog for an emergency vet visit, a regular vet visit, a visit to the groomer, etc.?

We will do our best to accommodate our clients regarding out-of-the-norm dog walks whenever possible. However, we cannot guarantee our availability, especially on short notices.

What are the benefits of boarding?

For dogs that don’t mind being away from home and enjoy playing with other dogs, and for clients who are uneasy with people staying in their home, boarding is great. Boarding is like doggy day care, except that the dogs stay overnight for as long as necessary. Lots of playtime with buddies.

What about keys? (Applies only to walking services)

Walking: If the building has a twenty-four hour doorman where the keys may may be accessed at any time, we can pick up the keys from the doorman. However, if that cannot be arranged, it is our policy that we request two full sets of keys – One set for the walker and one set to be kept at our home office as back up in case of an emergency.

Are there any extra costs on holidays?

Yes. For more information click Rates.

How am I billed and when is it due?

It depends on the type of service. For more information click Business Procedures to review section titled ‘Payment’.

How much notice for cancellation do you need?

It depends on the type of service. For more information click Business Procedures to review section titled ‘Cancellation Policy’.

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