Our references’ contact information is available upon direct request through us.

I am so happy to have found Dorothy’s Petcare. They are true animal lovers and totally dependable. My dog loves them too. I recommend them without hesitation. A real five star service.”

Elaine J., Upper West Side, New York City

Dorothy’s Petcare is the most reliable and affectionate pet care service I have ever worked with. We have trusted our two dogs to Dorothy and Darius and their wonderful team. They have always provided the most personalized attention along with incredibly efficient and wonderful care for our dogs! We don’t know what we would do without Dorothy’s Petcare ­ they are the absolute BEST!”

Jeannie B., Upper West Side, New York City

From day one Dorothy’s Petcare have made it clear that my dogs are as important to them as they are to me. Having been a professional show dog handler for many years, I had always been the one responsible for other people¹s dogs but after moving to NYC, I had to trust someone with my family members. This was a very difficult turn of events. Protection of my dogs is very important to me, which is why Dorothy and Darius’ exceptional knowledge of dogs and their behavior on NYC sidewalks is invaluable to me. Their true love of canines shines through in the wagging tails that greet them at the door.”

Gail M., Upper West Side, New York City

Dorothy’s Petcare has walked our Westie, Skye, over two years now. I know they take very good care of  Skye because when I’m with Skye in our lobby, or on the street, and she sees their walkers, she gets extremely excited. We have been more than pleased the entire time, and I would like to use a very recent experience as an example. Two months ago I emailed Dorothy and Darius to inform them of a special schedule. We normally don’t use their services in the summer, because I teach and have the summers off. However, for vacations we do use them. Dorothy and Darius emailed me two weeks ago to see if we were still on for this special schedule. When I emailed them the confirmation, I informed them that my niece would be staying in the apartment again to stay with Skye while we were gone. Not only did Dorothy and Darius have her name on file, but also her cell phone number. They just wanted to make sure her contact information was the same. Dorothy’s and Darius’ reliability, efficiency and organization amaze us and keep us very content.”

Fred W., Upper West Side, New York City

We have been extremely satisfied with Dorothy’s Petcare service! From amazing dog walkers, treating our dog like their own, to last minute walk requests- we couldn’t be happier with the care for our dog. I would highly recommend Dorothy and Darius (and esp. our walker, Robert) to anyone looking for reliable and lovable care for their pets!

Pam H., Upper West Side

Dorothy’s Petcare has been a godsend for me. They are loving and meticulous in their care of Norman and they are dependable and extremely accommodating of my crazy schedule. Dorothy’s Petcare has allowed me, the single mom of a very “special” dog-child, to have a life and feel comfortable knowing that my baby is in good hands and having fun.

Keiko M., Upper West Side

David and I highly recommend Dorothy’s Petcare service. They love
dogs. They have two of their own. They understand animal behavior and
the specific issues that individual dogs have are dealt with humanely
and responsibly. Their walkers are terrific people and the dogs
respond favorably. Your doorman will tell you that your dog is never
cheated in terms of time spent with the dog. If this is not enough of
a recommendation -prospective dog owners can feel free to call me for
further discussion.

Wendy S., Upper West Side

Of all the options I considered as I looked for a dog walker who could also provide the service of dog sitting/boarding, Dorothy’s Petcare stood out from the rest immediately with their mission statement “…supply a service where people could be absolutely sure that their dogs would be taken care of with the utmost love, patience, companionship and safety” which was reinforced many times over with references from very happy and satisfied customers.  I have been impressed over and over again by their commitment to providing personalized outstanding care to my dog and I, routinely exceeding expectations.  I depend on the team of dedicated, reliable, caring people at Dorothy’s Petcare to help me take care of my dog during the work week, and when I travel for work, I could not do my job and take care of my dog without them.  I know that I made the right choice when I decided to go with Dorothy’s Petcare, and the excitement with which my dog greets her walker shows me how happy she is too.

John D., Upper West Side

I go to work each day & sleep each night reassured that Smokey is looked after in a reliable & professional manner by the folks at Dorothy’s Petcare.

Alan H., Upper West Side

For the TLC of your beloved pooch, you can’t beat Dorothy and Darius. Their knowledge, experience, and affection for our canine loved ones is just what every pet owner prays for!”

Joan A., Upper West Side, New York City

Rookie and Kippy absolutely adore you guys. You are their best buddies. When you first started walking the boys, you made an amazing effort to reach out to Rookie, a formerly abused little man. You showed extreme patience in letting him build up trust. There are very few people he trusts, and I know that he has “let you into” his world (an honored place.) Then there’s Kip – so temperamental and with his health issues. The notes and phone calls that I’ve gotten when you were concerned about him, even just to tell me he didn’t seem like himself, mean so much to me. I really feel completely secure when they are in your care.”

Marcia G., Upper West Side, New York City

Our home, lives, and hearts are ruled by our eight-year-old pug named Midge. Dorothy and Darius, along with their staff, have taken care of Midge since she was 5 months old. They have walked her regularly and even taken care of her when we are out of town. We can’t say enough good things about Dorothy’s Petcare. They are lovely, caring people who treat Midge as if she belonged to them. It gives us such peace of mind to know that they are with her when we can’t be. Midge is absolutely crazy about them. She highly recommends Dorothy’s Petcare and so do we. Your pet never had a better friend.”

Brent P. & Adam S., Upper West Side, New York City

I am very particular about who takes care of my dogs. They aren’t difficult, just unique in personality! Dorothy’s Petcare has proven to be a trustworthy, dependable service that I can use for walking or house sitting. They go the extra mile to make their clients happy, and I feel comfortable letting them walk and take care of my show dog as well as my mutts! And the best part – they love my dogs and my dogs love them!”

Gabby H., Upper West Side, New York City

Dorothy, Darius and their staff have been walking our chocolate lab for years now, ever since she was a puppy. We have come to depend upon their exceptional reliability. But most importantly, we appreciate the deeply sensitive care that they communicate, which makes us all very happy!

Karen H. & Rick R., Upper West Side, New York City

Dorothy and Darius are the kind of professionals you want to entrust your dog with. They’ve always been kind, caring, and knowledgeable in the care they’ve provided to our dog, Figgis, over the past ten years. Plus, it’s so much fun running into them on the street with one of their charges — they know everything about each pooch that comes into their care. I wholeheartedly recommend them.”

Susan R., Upper West Side, New York City

As far as our two dogs are concerned, the folks at Dorothy’s Petcare will always be part of the family. My wife and I always felt 100% sure that our pets were being expertly handled and cared for. And, there was never a hassle in terms of scheduling or any other business matter. Highly recommended!”

David A. & Jennie G., Upper West Side, New York City

Our 8-year-old Tibetan Terrier, Norton, has been walked by Dorothy’s Petcare since he was a pup. The caring staff always pairs him with compatible dogs and lets us know whenever they notice anything out of the ordinary in his behavior or appearance. We feel completely comfortable about their walkers entering our apartment when we are not home and they are consistently pleasant and discreet if we happen to be there when they arrive. While the staff rarely changes, we are always notified when it does. Dorothy and Darius screen walkers carefully and provide us with background information on them. Finally, Norton’s tail wags when his walker picks him up.”

Ann Guy R., Upper West Side, New York City

Dorothy and Darius are responsive, generous with their time and effort, patient, considerate, and thorough – they think of everything! Most importantly, though, it¹s obvious they really love my dog and he is crazy about them!”

Alice K., Upper West Side, New York City

Darius & Dorothy and all members of their staff have always treated Scout with much kindness and care – it’s as though he is their dog too.”

Jessica L., Upper West Side, New York City

Our dog, Bella, has been a regular with Dorothy’s Petcare for 3 years and we couldn’t be more satisfied. All of their walkers are responsible, kind, and loving. We know she is getting excellent treatment in their care.”

Bernice & Harvey B., Upper West Side, New York City

In addition to being absolutely dependable and always willing to work with us to meet any special needs we may have, what we like most about Dorothy’s Petcare is that everyone there treats Senganai, our twelve year old Golden Retriever, with the love and care we want him to have. We couldn’t be more pleased with their service.”

Carole & Vasan S., Upper West Side, New York City

Dorothy and her team are terrific. I knew from the enthusiastic way my dog greeted his walker when we ran across him at the dog run, that my dogs experiences with Dorothy’s Petcare were very positive. Dorothy and her walkers are responsible and kind. I felt completely confident leaving my dog to their excellent care.”

Dina I, West Village, New York City

I highly recommend Dorothy’s Petcare! My Cockapoo loves them and it makes me feel comfortable knowing that she’s in such good, reliable hands. I especially appreciate the daily notes that they leave me after her walks!”

Samantha L., Upper West Side, New York City

Dorothy and her team have been walking my dogs for several years. They are extremely reliable and caring in the services they provide.”

Nancy F., Upper West Side, New York City

Dorothy’s Pet Care has always provided us with honest, dependable and caring pet care.”

Susan H & Ken P, Upper West Side, New York City