The Daycare Experience

Our dog daycare hours are from 8am to between 4pm & 5pm.
If you’re running late, you can pick up your dog as late as 6pm

Are you working from home and your dog is just sitting staring at you bored to tears? Are you back at work in your office wondering what he/she is doing at home? Whatever the case may be, if you don’t want your dog feeling lonely and/or bored, or if you just want your dog socialized and exercised during the day, whether regularly or just once in a while, we’ve got you covered…

During daycare at Dorothy’s Petcare, safety and loving care are of the utmost importance. Your dog will be cared for as though they are our own. It's the responsibility of our handlers to get to know your dog’s individual personality and concerns to develop a personal connection and bond with them. At Dorothy's Petcare, your dog will also get a great deal of human attention. There is playtime, walk time, nap time, water time, wellness checks and continuous monitoring of the dogs while attending daycare.

Here is what we do and how we do it...

During daycare, your dog will get plenty of inside playtime and exercise. They all have a blast either  playing with each other or playing tug-of-war, Frisbee and ball catching, etc., with our handlers. If your dog is a little sleepy, there's always lap time or nap time if they so desire. You name it, we do it…

Your dog will get two to three relief walks per day along or through Morningside Park.

We make sure that all of the dogs are well hydrated. Your dog will have plenty of opportunities to drink water all throughout the day during daycare.

At Dorothy's Petcare, we realize how important it is for your dog to always be breathing fresh clean air while attending daycare. Both of our  playrooms are fully ventilated several times during the day with fresh air to make sure that the entire shop feels and smells great.

We do wellness checks throughout the entire day during daycare. We will inform you promptly if your dog appears not to be feeling well and/or is not behaving like their normal self.

You'll get at least one video of your dog with buddies posted to your personal portal while at daycare. If your dog is not really into playing and they just love to relax and be around other dogs, we'll post a picture.

If you’re picking up or dropping off your dog via taxi or car, let us know and we can arrange to send someone out to bring you your dog or take your dog from you.


Monthly Full Day Daycare Subscriptions & Packages

(Transportation is available Mondays thru Fridays only at an added cost) Please Inquire Within

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